Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Meghan

My daughter and I had a great time in Chicago over the weekend. We did get lost in the "ghetto" on the way out of town, and that was a bit scary. We ended up getting home around 1:00 am Sunday morning. We were having so much fun it was hard to leave Chicago. My husband returned home from a Canadian fishing trip with my dad, brother and two other guys. He got home Sunday morning at 8:30. So we spent the day napping and then went to the "lake house" for dinner Sunday evening. My blog hasn't had much card making/stamping information on it lately. My husband returns to FL tomorrow, so then I will have lots of extra time on my hands to work on some projects swirling around in my head.

Today is my daughters 16th birthday. It is hard to believe that my baby is 16. We are taking her out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants tonight in Fort Wayne (Cork & Cleaver).
Here is a picture of my kids.
Jenni (22), Meg (16), Cody (21), Zach (19)

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